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Oso the Therapist Artist Profile Photo.HEIC
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Oso the therapist

Oso the Therapist is not your average music producer or artist. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, he frequently advocates for mental health awareness in and outside of his music. Oso the Therapist is a first-generation immigrant with Caribbean roots.

Both of his parents originate from Guyana. You can hear these roots clearly in the heavy percussion and upbeat melodies in some of Oso's music. From the larger-than-life House music to traditional Hip-Hop, Oso brings his own twist that is pleasant to the ears.

Oso is a self-taught musician and producer. He plays the drums, piano, guitar, sax, and of course the good ol' MPC and FL Studio. All of these elements can be heard throughout his projects. Oso the Therapist is a new artist and producer for the new age; no longer are we bound to one career or passion.

With his blending of mental health and music, Oso is able to seamlessly advocate for this important subject in society while still giving you the music you can bounce to every day.

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